CSR Program

MUJ Commitment

PT. Migas Hulu West Java (Perseroda), as a BUMD company owned by West Java Province, is committed to running a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The community and the environment cannot separate from the company’s business operations, so the company with a conscious mind is committed to participating in supporting sustainable development.

One of the sustainable development is based on the existence of synergy between the company, the community, and the environment. The company no longer oriented to increasing profits but taking part in improving people’s welfare and environmental preservation. CSR becomes an integral part of the business and management activities of the West Java Upstream Oil and Gas company.

Fokus Utama Program CSR

The main focus of the West Java Upstream Oil and Gas CSR Program includes:

Education (MUJ Educating)

Education is the most crucial element in printing the children of the next generation who excel. MUJ seeks to improve the quality of male and female education, especially in West Java.

Health (MUJ Healthy)

MUJ strives to enhance the quality of public health, especially residents of West Java, ranging from promotion efforts (prevention), prevention (prevention) and curative (treatment)

Economy (MUJ Empower)

The economy is one of the essential things that must be fulfilled by the community to improve their standard of living. MUJ strives to improve the economy of weak communities and foster MSMEs, especially West Java residents.


Environment (MUJ Preserve)

The environment is an element that is affected by the company’s business activities. MUJ seeks to raise awareness of environmental sustainability. Controlling the impact of pollution and environmental damage risks and supporting various environmental preservation activities is MUJ’s commitment to the environment in the West Java region.

Women Empowerment (MUJ Empowerment)

Women’s empowerment is a very interesting concept, where in this activity the active role of women is as the activator of the activity. This empowerment activity requires women’s involvement in the process of increasing awareness of existing business opportunities, building self-confidence, and developing their skills / potential.

Target Areas of CSR Programs

The priority areas of MUJ CSR program include:

  1. Priority I: Surrounding Bandung (Bandung City, West Bandung Regency, Bandung Regency, Cimahi City)
  2. Priority II: West Java Province
  3. Priority III: Indonesia