PT Migas Hulu Jabar together with strategic partners, work together to support electricity resistance for industries that need anti-blackout services.


Electricity business is provision of premium electricity service for oil and gas industries and other strategic industries that requires reliable and tested power supplies in the form of DRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply). PT Migas Hulu Jabar cooperates with PT Pilar Bahtera Energi (PBE) in terms of provision pf PLN’s Super Ultima Premium Package Service within exclusive cooperation. This service intends to fullfil PT Pertamina EP (PEP) supply needs in several areas.
The total DRUPS capacity that has been installed at PT Pertamina EP Asset 5 Tanjung is 10 MW. MUJ continues to strive to initiate the potential for DRUPS in other areas, especially in the Pertamina field.