Development and Management of City Gas


PT Migas Hulu West Java has participated in the public service obligation (PSO) activity, is the construction of city gas pipelines, as well as the distribution of energy in the form of gas for industry and commercial use.


The city gas network is a program initiated by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) to reduce fuel and LPG subsidies by utilizing natural gas as an energy source. The City Gas Network already exists in several cities in West Java, but there are still many areas that need city gas networks, including Bandung City and its surroundings.
The city gas network is a service to the community that is carried out in order to assist the government in providing gas that is affordable to the community. PT Migas Hulu Jabar as BUMD will contribute to the development and development of the city gas network in West Java. PT Migas Hulu Jabar will synergize with the Provincial Government and BUMN in accelerating the realization of gas network development in West Java.