Waste to Energy


Garbage is a complicated problem that often appears every year and is difficult to handle. The reason is, the volume is increasing with population growth. The waste stockpile is predicted to increase to more than 5.9 million tons by 2025. PT Migas Hulu Jabar will get an assignment to overcome this problem, one of which is to convert waste into energy using various environmentally friendly technologies in West Java.


The West Java Provincial Government has established cross-regency / municipal waste management in the form of Regional Waste Processing and Final Processing Sites (TPPAS) managed by the West Java UPTD Waste Management TPA / TPST (PTSR) at the Environment Agency, including the Cirebon Raya Regional TPPAS. MUJ has sent a letter of interest to participate in the management of TPPAS Cirebon Raya and TPPAS Legok Nangka to the Governor of West Java.

In meetings with the West Java Provincial Government, it was concluded that MUJ would receive an assignment in the management of the Cirebon Raya TPPAS, especially in processing waste into a form of energy (waste to energy). For TPPAS Legok Nangka, MUJ is still waiting for the certainty of the bidding process to be carried out by the West Java Province BPSR.